Fabco-Air Air-Oil Tanks by Fabco-Air

Manufacturer: Fabco-Air
Air-Oil Tanks provide the ultimate for those systems that require hydraulic type cylinder control from shop air pressure. These systems can provide the smoothness and rigidity of a hydraulic system without the high cost and space consumption of a hydraulic system.

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  • Operation to 150 psi 
  • Single & Double Tank Units 
  • Tapped Mounting Holes in Top & Bottom Heads 
  • Large Flow Ports 
  • Choice of 1-1/4", 2" & 4" I.D. Tanks 
  • Translucent Fiberglass Tube (no sight tube needed) 
  • Anodized Aluminum Heads 
  • High Strength, Plated Tie Rods
  • Tank Lengths to Your Requirements


Air-Oil Tanks
Manufacturer: Fabco-Air
Product: Fabco-Air Air-Oil Tanks
Air-Oil tank catalog. Fabco's tanks feature non-foaming baffles and a translucent tank for easy liquid level identification
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