Tubus Bumpers by ACE Controls

Manufacturer: ACE Controls

TUBUS - Profile Dampers from ACE are High Performance Damper elements made from a special Co-Polyester Elastomer. They have a high energy absorbing capacity compared with other materials. The TUBUS series comprises five main types with over 70 individual models. The excellent damping characteristics are achieved as a result of the special elastomer material and the worldwide patented construction design. This enables us to change the characteristic of the Elastomer material so that individual and distinct damping curves are possible.



  • on Machine Tools
  • in Automation
  • on Crane Systems
  • on Theme Park Rides


ACE Tubus Bumper Catalog
Manufacturer: ACE Controls
Product: Tubus Bumpers

Tubus bumpers are synthetic rubber shock absorbing materials made for economical long life

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