Round Body Repairable Stainless Steel Air Cylinder by C & C Cylinders

Manufacturer: C & C Cylinders

R Series repairable stainless cylinder have eliminated the cavities that are present on tie rod cylinders making it the number one choice for food and dairy processing equipment manufacturers.  This repairable stainless cylinder is more compact and lower in price.

1. Head & Cap  
End caps are precision machined from 303 series stainless steel. 
6. Tube Seal
Nitrile o-ring tube seal.
2. Piston
Precision machined from aluminum alloy for reduced weight. Magnets are available for use with proximity switches. A stainless steel piston is optional.
7. Cushions
Floating cushion seals optional.

3. Piston Seals
Lip type nitrile are pressure activated and wear compensating for long life.

 8. Piston Rod
The material is 303 stainless steel. The O.D. is ground and polished and has a .0005" minimum thickness hard chrome plated surface.
4. Wear Strip
Teflon and graphite compound for improved wear and side load resistance is standard.   
 9. Rod Seal
Urethane incorporating a rounded dynamic sealing lip for reduced friction and longer seal life.
5. Cylinder Tube
Tubing is 300 series stainless steel with a precision honed I.D. and polished O.D.
10. Rod Bushing
Self lubricating PTFE-based stainless steel bearing.
11. Rod Wiper
Type AN urethane which aggressively removes foreign material from the piston rod and extends rod seal life.
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