Non rotating cylinder by C & C Cylinders

Manufacturer: C & C Cylinders

The non-rotating cylinder is available in either aluminum, steel or stainless steel construction, providing lasting, cost-effective solutions to everyday problems. Non-rotating cylinders are both strong and affordable.

1. Head & Cap 
Precision machined from solid aluminum blocks and black anodized.
6. Cushions
Floating cushion seals with captured adjustment needle incorporate extra-fine-thread metering.
2. Piston
Precision machined from high strength aluminum alloy available with an optional magnet for sensors.
7. Bearing
Precision machined from close grained cast iron and Teflon® coated for lower friction.
3. Piston Seals
Lip type nitrile are pressure activated and wear compensating for long life.
8. Piston Rod
Precision machined hard chrome plated steel. The D and T series non-rotating piston includes a wear band as a standard.
4. Cylinder Tube
Precision machined from high tensile, anodized and hard coat I.D. aluminum.
9. Rod Wiper
The tough urethane material removes foreign materials from the rod which extends the seal and bearing life.
5. Tie Rods
High strength steel to maintain compression on tube end seals.

10. Rod Seal
The tough urethane seal material incorporates a rounded dynamic sealing lip for reduced friction and longer seal life.

11. Steel Tooling Plate
A steel tooling plate comes standard on the alumi

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