Manufacturer: Animatics Smart Motors



A Complete Motion Control System inside the SmartMotor™

What makes the Moog Animatics SmartMotor™ by far the most powerful integrated motor in the industry is its unique ability to control an entire machine. The SmartMotor is not just a motor; it is a complete motion control system and the result of an innovative design philosophy. The unsurpassed programming ease, networking capability, highly flexible and expandable I/O, and high power density servo performance is exactly what you should expect from the pioneer and recognized global leader of truly integrated motion control.

The simplicity and ease of use goes beyond just “compactness;” it results in overall reduced machine development time (shortening time-to-market), lower total machine cost, greater field reliability, and simplified machine design and build time, eliminating heavy procurement and support activities.




Advantages of the Smart Motor
Manufacturer: Animatics Smart Motors
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This powerpoint presentation shows the advantages of the Animatics Smartmotor
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China Flying Balls Video
Manufacturer: Animatics Smart Motors
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This dramatic video shows the networked capabilities of over 1,000 Smart Motors
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