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Freelin-Wade is a  leading manufacturer of Polyurethane tubing. Freelin-Wade offers the largest variety of sizes, colors, configurations and package options available. Process and quality assurance programs enable Freelin-Wade to specify the tightest size tolerances in the industry. 

Polyurethane Tubing... The Quality Choice Polyurethane tubing is an increasingly popular tubing choice for pneumatic applications. Also known as urethane (abbreviated as PUR), Polyurethane tubing has over twice the tensile strength of vinyl tubing making it ideal for air logic applications up to 125 PSI. With no inherent plasticizers to leach or migrate, Polyurethane tubing retains its lively rubbery feel and excellent flexibility over long periods of time. Polyurethane's excellent memory provides secure retention with barb fittings. Polyurethane tubing can be formed into highly durable self-storing retractable hoses. We offer a complete selection of FLEXCOIL and FLEXEEL in our catalog, as well as, information on ordering custom engineered coils and hoses.

Hardness Range Polyurethane is available in durometer ranges of 70 Shore A to 65 Shore D. Various grades to meet specific requirements of FDA, USDA, NSF or Biomedical applications are available. We have an easy to interpret Hardness Comparison Chart in our catalog.

The Ideal Choice For Fluid Power Applications Formed by processing two basic ingredients: Polyisocyanate and Polyol, there are two general classes of Polyurethane; ester base (polyester polycapro-lactone) and ether base (polytetra-methylene glycol ether). Freelin-Wade has standardized on ether based compounds for its stock offerings. While ester base compounds are less expensive and generally stronger with higher tensile strengths, they tend to hydrolize and degrade when exposed to moisture commonly found in pneumatic lines, making the ether compounds the better choice for fluid power applications.

Fitting Compatibility The standard catalog sizes of Polyurethane tubing have been designed to work with commercially available fittings suitable for pneumatic and other fluid transfer applications. The dimension, wall thickness and durometer have been carefully selected for optimum performance.

Specialists in Polyurethane tubing, Polyvinyl Chloride tubing, Polyethylene and Nylon tubing. Single, multi-tube and custom extrusions.




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Manufacturer: Freelin-Wade
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Chemical Compatability Chart

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Freelin Wade Catalog
Manufacturer: Freelin-Wade
Freelin-Wade Industrial Tubing Catalog
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Freelin-Wade Dental Tubing Catalog
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Freelin-Wade Catalog of Tubing for the Dental Industry
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