Manufacturer: Legris


 Legris Instant Tube Fittings

In the late 1960's, industry began looking for ways to use plastic tubing material where metals had been used in the past. Many found that the three piece compression fitting would not seal well with plastic tubing. Legris designed the first one-piece, push-in tube fitting which saved on assembly time and, therefore, money. Legris manufactures Fractional as well as Metric fittings, Nylon 12 tubing, low density Polyethylene tubing and Polyurethane tubing from 1/8" O.D. to 1/2" O.D. and from 3mm to 12mm


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Legris Cross Over Program
Manufacturer: Legris
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This chart will allow your to cross refrence most major fitting manufacturers to an equivalent Legris tube fitting
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