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LinMot tubular linear motors employ a direct electromagnetic principle. Electromagnetic force provides direct linear movement without the use of cams, gears, belts, or other mechanical devices. The motor consists of only two parts: the slider and the stator. The slider is a precision assembly that consists of a stainless steel tube, which is filled with neodymium magnets, that has threaded attachment holes on each end. The stator, consisting of coils, the bearing for the slider, position sensors and a microprocessor board, are designed for use in harsh industrial environments

About Linmot

LinMot began manufacturing and distributing linear motors and actuators in 1997. These motors were, and still are, designed and built in company owned facilities in Switzerland to traditional, high quality Swiss standards.  Every LinMot linear motor delivers  high speed, long service life and complete controllability , making them your best choice for use in demanding and highly dynamic positioning applications. LinMot’s U.S. headquarters in Elkhorn, WI serves the entire Western Hemisphere and offers very distinct sales oriented advantages to our customers. These important advantages include extensive stock/inventory in the Elkhorn facility, US based technical assistance and exclusive LinMot linear motor application and sales support.

Thousands of LinMot products are now being used in packaging, processing, material handling, inspection and automation applications around the world. LinMot offers same day shipping with overnight delivery available on most non-custom products.

For higher speeds, longer life, and complete control of your linear motors and actuators, contact us about LinMot today.





Examples of how to best use Linmot Products
Manufacturer: Linmot
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