3TH Series Heavy Duty Hydraulic by Quincy Ortman Fluid Power


3TH Series
Heavy Duty Hydraulic NFPA Cylinder
1.50 through 20.00 Bore
NFPA Tie Rod Hydraulic Service
3000 PSI Pressure Rating

3TH series cylinders anticipate the ever increasing demands of industry for cylinders with higher pressure ratings, longer service life, and reduced maintenance.  This robust cylinder offers 18 NFPA/JIC mounting styles and 7 rod end styles in bore sizes  from 1.50 to 20.00.  3TH incorporates our exclusive Uni Cartridge Rod Gland, a retainer held rod bearing for quick and easy replacement without disassembly of the cylinder.

  • Series Features:
    100,000 PSI min yield Chromed Hard Rod
    100,000 PSI min yield Tie Rods
    Steel Honed Barrel
    Precision Machined Heads and Caps
    Uni-Cartridge Bolted Rod Bearing
    18 NFPA/JIC Mounting Styles
    7 Standard Rod End Styles


3TH Series Catalog
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