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 Quincy Ortman Cylinders, high quality, heavy-duty industrial air and hydraulic cylinders.  Once known as Ortman Cylinders, the name was changed to Quincy Ortman Cylinders after Ortman Cylinders was aquired by the Quincy Air Compressor company.

You can expect the highest quality and value from Quincy Ortman Cylinders from small bore pneumatic cylinders to Large Bore High Pressure Hydraulic Cylinders, Quincy Ortman Cylinders has the right cylinder for you.

Red Bore Express One-Day Delivery

In addition to quality, Ortman Fluid Power is dedicated to Red Bore Express one-day delivery service.  Ortman understands the consequences of a critical downtime.  The Red Bore Express enables Ortman to deliver most standard cylinders within one day.  This means that you can count on Ortman Fluid Power for immediate delivery - eliminating a potentially critical downtime situation.

Quick Ship Delivery Service

The demands of production are constantly changing. Ortman's Quick Ship three-day delivery is perfect when it comes to tight production schedules and short lead times.

Two-year Standard Warranty

Every cylinder made by Quincy Ortman is backed with a two-year warranty against defective material and/or workmanship. 

Designed to Your Specifications

Quincy designs and builds the most reliable cylinders in the industry.  Since 1950, Quincy has designed cylinders as unique as our customers.  Built to your specifications to meet your needs.

Committed to Service

Through the years Quincy has made your success our measure of their excellence.  Quincy is committed to delivering the highest quality cylinders and they continue to pursue the latest technologies to ensure that Ortman Fluid Power remains a part of your success






Quincy Ortman Cylinder Sizing Program
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