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COVAL, products strive to provide  users with vacuum handling solutions that meet their goals in terms of profitability, productivity, quality, safety, and environmental conservation.

COVAL's goal is to predict, plan, innovate, and manufacture with one aim in mind: offering the right products and services at the right time. In practical terms, this is what it takes:
. Impeccable knowledge of various industrial sectors.
. Being attentive and available to our clients' teams and users.
. The ability to adapt quickly to evolving needs.
. A rigorous approach to all of COVAL's efforts and endeavors.

COVAL is geared towards constant innovation, quality, and service for more than 50 years:
. Teams specialized by industry: food processing, aeronautics, robotics, plastic processing, packaging, and more.
. Strong in-house capacity for research and innovation complemented with external resources through public and private partnerships.
. Strong presence thanks to our sales team, foreign subsidiaries, and authorized distributors.

COVAL is the Vacuum Manager for each and every one of its clients.



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Manufacturer: Coval

Coval Catalog 2017

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